All you need is (Self) Care & Love

 Your 3 months journey from being fine to feel fantastic!


Premium Package

“Learn to love yourself first and everything surely fall into line” Lucille Ball

Do you want to feel more satisfied and less frustrated with yourself? Improve your relationships? Do you want to take charge of your life instead of feeling that you have no control? Get the excitement back to your life and finally get out of the survival mode?

After many years of working on myself and later with clients I found that there is only one thing that is the root cause of everything we create in life: how much we love ourselves. When we start to love ourselves more and allow more joy to happen  each day it’s amazing how our life improves!


The “All You Need is (Self) Care & Love” is a 3 – month premium package where I create a safe space for you and you will learn how incredibly wonderful you are by applying the idea of loving yourself.


This is what you can expect (beside that it is highly customized and tailored to your own unique needs):

Month 1 – Focusing on the now

  • We starts with a 90 minutes kick of session to know you better, including key people in your life, challenges, work, hobbies and anything else you feel is important about you.
  • We will identify together your blocks and barriers that you face every day and you will get tools & techniques to recognize and handle them better
  • By sharing your burden you will be feeling lighter as you know that there is no judgement and you are supported
  • As a result you will start to feel more confident because you will understand yourself more and why you are acting in a certain way. With the new tools you will be able to change what’s no longer serving you.

Month 2 – Focusing on your desired results

Create the desired life stems from the knowing: what do you really want for yourself? We will dig deeper in this and what is holding you back from getting it.

  • We fill find little pockets of time where you can find ways to cultivate more self-care with no-guilt
  • You’ll learn more about gratitude
  • Self-care is an attitude rather than a random act of kindness to yourself
  • As a result you will appreciate and love who you are and become more authentic and successful in your roles
  • Create more balance in your life

Month 3 – Creating long lasting changes & healthy habits that serve you well forever

By month 3 you will have many great changes and you will be proud of your results! You will know how to:

  • Learn to say no and set healthy boundaries
  • Tolerate less of what you don’t like and attract of what you do
  • Set a great example for your loved ones
  • Fall in love with your life
  • Discover your own power, strength and inner wisdom
  • Take good care of yourself on a daily basis


What are the benefits of this program for you? By the end of the 3 months program with my full support you will learn to:

  • Feel great and get excited about your life on a daily basis
  • Get the blocks and barriers out of your way
  • Appreciate and love yourself more
  • Be less stressed and more relaxed
  • Become more self-confident and proud to be you
  • Give more credit to yourself for your achievements and hard work
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Trust your instincts more and have compassion for yourself
  • Deal with and eventually eliminate your constant self-doubt
  • Improve your inner self-talk
  • Recognize that you are good enough and just simply amazing!
  • Learn to use amazing yet simple techniques to deal with life’s ups and downs


What are you going to get in this program?

  • 1 x 90 minutes kick-off session (phone or Skype) to talk about your areas that you want to change or improve. I will listen carefully and make sure I understand you. We start with your most pressing issue.
  • 11 x 60 minutes of personalized attention from your coach (1 weekly)
  • Assignments weekly that will help you to get the desired results
  • An intuitive & sensitive life coach (me!!) on your side who will be fully committed in your success; your very own, supportive cheerleader with the right knowledge and experience.


Added Bonuses:

  • The 6 Human Needs Test with full report to understand the motivation behind your actions
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • On demand emergency sessions when you need support the most (Maximum 2×15 minutes monthly)
  • 2 recommended books to improve your supportive mindset
  • Added value all together is $200!!! 


  • A self-care package that contains a mindfulness coloring book with positive affirmations to boost your self-confidence and reduce stress, a gratitude diary, a bottle of orange essential oil (great for your mood), a lavender bath bomb, a handmade card and a beautiful handmade felt heart as a reminder of the importance of self-love (Value of 100.00)

Investment for the 3 months program

Your Full Pay Investment



Payment Plan Investment: 

Monthly payments for 3 months: $549.00


What is required of You:

  • A burning desire to get results (you had enough of not loving who you are, not finding time for yourself or not being on your priority list)
  • Willingness to work through the program so you can get to the results: guilt-free me time and a balanced, energetic, joyful YOU
  • Openness to new ideas and willingness to try them
  • Willingness to be vulnerable and honest with yourself and your coach
  • Willingness to take responsibility for your life: it will give you so much power!
  • Commitment to excellence and self- mastery because you deserve to be happy!


What are you going to gain in return:

  • A passionate and dedicated coach that produces results and supports you along the way with her knowledge, experience and commitment. I am committed to move you beyond your limitations
  • You will experience more peace, joy, reduced stress, improved health, more fulfillment, increased creativity, more clarity, ability to work through future challenges with more ease and speed, feeling of peace, tangible results, improved communications, the quality of your relationships will increase, you’ll become more resourceful, more courageous, charismatic and loving toward yourself and others
  • You will start to embody responsibility and experience (increasing) personal power
  • Your habitual thought patterns and inner talk will change (to positive, more empowering ones)
  • Patterns of self-sabotage and procrastination start to fall away and significantly decrease with time
  • Your happiness level goes up