Hello dear visitor, I am glad that you are reading this!

There is so much to say and I will be short. I respect your time and nobody likes to read long posts anyway. There will be plenty of occasions to tell more.  My promise to you and myself that I will get to the point right away and my post won’t be more than 300 words at a time.

Let’s get started answering 5 simple questions.

  1. Why would someone be a self – love mentor and coach? Because
  • Everything in our life goes back to this simple question: Do you love yourself?
  • Nobody puts enough emphasize on it
  • Extremely important in order to create a happy and fulfilled life
  1. Who needs self-love?
  • Everybody. Simple. Check out your life. If everything goes well then you are doing a good job in the self-love department.
  1. How can a self-love coach help you?
  • By showing you different perspectives
  • Helping you to appreciate and love yourself
  • Discovering with you that life is much better than you think it is right now
  1. When would you need to work on self-love? When
  • Your life is not how you wanted it
  • You have negative self-talk
  • Your self-esteem is low
  • You are always disappointed, exhausted and lost interest about your life
  • You always beat yourself up and never appreciates anything you achieve
  • You don’t feel grateful
  • You want changes but no idea how to start
  • You had enough

We all want to change the world and it seems a big task and we don’t do anything. The good news is that we CAN change the world. Start with what you have. When you change little things in your life and you feel better the whole world benefits. Trust me, it is that simple.

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